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KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration

Cosmetic Nail Procedure

We are now offering Nail Restoration for broken damage or thickened toenails!  It can be used for nails with or without fungus. 

KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration System

Are you embarrassed by your broken, damaged, or thickened toenails? Have your nails been damaged by a fungus infection or injury? Dr.Kurlanski and her staff can repair and restore your toenail to a more normal and natural appearance.

The KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration System is a new method to repair toenails damaged by fungus and injuries. The Keryflex™ System will restore your damaged toenails to their original appearance. KeryFlex™ utilizes polymer resins that bond to your damaged toenails to create a sturdy, natural-looking artificial nail. It is a painless procedure.

The KeryFlex™ procedure usually takes about 15 minutes to perform, and is performed in Dr. Kurlanski office. First, most of the damaged nail is removed, and a bonding agent is applied. Then, the KeryFlex™ resin, which has a gel-like consistency, is applied to the nail bed. The KeryFlex™ resin is hardened using a special ultraviolet light for two minutes. This procedure is repeated to ensure that the nail is restored to its natural appearance. After the procedure, patients can immediately return to day-to-day activities, get a pedicure, or apply nail polish and rock those high heels.

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KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration podiatrist Scarborough, Maine

Great toenail 6 weeks after Keryflex applied.   Patient returned for a "touch up". The second toenail application fell off when she dropped a box on it, but otherwise it held up great. The patient was very happy and able to wear open toed sandals with polished toenails with confidence to a wedding.

KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration podiatrist Scarborough, Maine

Applying the UV light to the toenails to cure the resin.  The toenail is ready for polish after the sealant is applied.

KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration podiatrist Scarborough, Maine