A New Way to Handle Diabetic Pain


Diabetes is front and center when it comes to health and wellness in the news. Did you know that diabetes affects nearly 10% of the adult population in the U.S.? Studies have shown that approximately 34% of U.S. citizens were or are currently at risk of developing diabetes. People who are already diagnosed with diabetes likely know how important it is for their feet and ankles to be in tip-top shape. One of the most commonly known side effects of diabetes is nerve pain or diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy happens when excess glucose causes nerve damage, which happens most often in our limbs - i.e., our arms, hands, legs, and feet. As you might imagine, this can damper a diabetic person’s efforts to remain active on a daily basis. Considering there are four different types of diabetic neuropathy - peripheral, autonomic, radiculoplexus, and mononeuropathy - it’s a great start to know the more common symptoms seen throughout the four types:

  • Numbness in the hands, feet, or legs.

  • Muscle weakness or trembling.

  • Burning, tingling sensations in the hands, feet, or legs.

  • Decreased balance and coordination.

  • Generalized pain in the hands, feet, or legs.

If you or anyone you know experiences these symptoms, go the extra mile and remind them to get checked out by their doctor. When any of these symptoms specifically occur in your legs or feet, it’s time to find a foot doctor. At Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center, quality care to manage your diabetes is easily accessible. Dr. Michele Kurlanski and her team are working hard to spread awareness for National Diabetes Month in November! Not all podiatrists specialize in diabetic foot care and our passion goes further, right down to a convenient foot store inside of our one-stop office. Call us today at 207-774-0028 to explore your options at our location in Scarborough, Maine.