Viola Davis Chooses Comfort for Emmy Award Presentation

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Viola Davis, actor, and producer, wowed the audience at the recent Emmy award show when she revealed her trendy platform sneakers while presenting the Best Supporting Actor Award. Davis, who is the first black actress to win the “Triple Crown” of an Academy Award, an Emmy and two Tonys, had changed out of her red carpet peep-shoe high heels, opting for more comfort.

Davis has made this fashion statement before and, although her picks may be out of reach of most of us – her silver and black platform Hogan sneakers run about $600 – we applaud her decision to trade typical high-fashion shoes for those that are more comfortable.

High Heels Can Damage Your Feet

Shoes with heels that are higher than two inches can cause serious pain, but can also damage your toes and feet. Wearing them for too long a period can even cause leg, hip and back pain and affect your gait.

Wearing high heels force excessive pressure on your heels that can cause hammertoes where the toe bends downward. The pressure can also cause in a bunion, a bony bump on the side of the toe, and ingrown toenails.

Your Achilles tendon can actually shorten over time and make even flat shoes uncomfortable. Because high heels compress the toes, a painful pinched nerve or Morton’s neuroma can result.

You may feel generalized pain on the bottom of the foot because the natural cushioning there has worn away. This is called metatarsalgia when the fat pad thins.

In addition to these foot problems, it’s a lot easier to twist your ankle in high heels.

Enjoy Heels in Moderation

You can enjoy heeled shoes that are comfortable and still stylish:

  • Opt for wedges and platforms instead of thin-heeled shoes.

  • Use sneakers or other comfortable shoes for commuting, and then change into heels when you need to.

  • Wear high heels for only brief periods such as for a special occasion.

  • Stretch and massage your legs at the end of the day.

  • Get rid of shoes that are worn, don’t fit well or are uncomfortable.

Let Us Know If We Can Help with Your Foot or Ankle Pain

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