Do’s and Don’ts for Halloween Foot and Ankle Safety


With Halloween right around the corner, little children are nestled all snug in their beds thinking of candy and jack-o’-lanterns!

What are parents thinking of, besides do they have all the costume pieces that their child wanted? Safety on Halloween night.

Incredibly, more than 3,800 children are injured in the U.S. on Halloween night. The last thing that you would want is for your young trick-or-treater to have their fun spoiled with a foot or ankle injury. But running around in the dark on unfamiliar ground poses tripping and falling risks.

Here are our top “Do’s and Don’ts” to minimize the risk of a foot injury on this exciting holiday:


·         DON’T send your child out in fancy footwear like monster feet or high heels. Insist that they wear lace-up sneakers or other comfortable, stable shoes. Add a pair of socks for stability and protection.

·         DON’T let kids run around the neighborhood in the dark. It’s too easy to miss a curb, hole or stone and a bad trip or slip can lead to a fracture or other injury.

·         DON’T let your child tote tall or awkward accessories like wands, brooms and lightsabers. These can really up the chance of tripping or other injuries.


·         DO shorten costumes that are too long and may trip up your trick-or-treater.

·         DO plan your route in advance. Stay in well-lit areas and cross the street at crosswalks or traffic signals. Avoid areas with uneven ground – these may have holes and rocks that can cause an ankle sprain.

·         DO switch to non-toxic face paint and avoid masks that impair vision.

·         DO increase a child’s visibility by adding reflective tape to costumes and treat bags. Make sure she or he has a mini-flashlight to carry.

·         DO make an appointment to see us if your child is injured on Halloween! No matter how insignificant it appears, let us examine the feet and ankles, diagnose the problem and provide professional treatment.

Let Us Help with Your Child’s Foot or Ankle Pain

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