Our Podiatrist In Scarborough, ME Can Help With Your Warts (Plantar Warts)



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Warts can be found on almost any surface of the body, but are prevalent on the soles of the feet, where they tend to thrive in the warm and moist environment. These are referred to as plantar warts. Having a wart in that location can prove to be very uncomfortable since walking puts direct pressure on the wart. Warts evolve slowly and can be passed directly from an infected person or indirectly from a surface that the infected person has touched, such as a shower floor. Warts are skin infections caused by viruses. Small cuts or scratches offer an opportunity for warts to invade the area. Wearing waterproof sandals in public venues, such as pools, can help prevent warts.

HINT: Picking at a wart can spread warts to other locations on the body.

We urge you to contact us if you detect warts on your feet. Since any difficulties with your feet can adversely aff ect your comfortand lifestyle, we invite you to contact us to maximize your health and well-being.   We provide personalized, friendly, caring and complete foot and ankle care. Specializing in custom-molded orthotics to treat foot and ankle pain

What are home remedies for warts?

Some people have found their warts reacted to basic home remedies. Soaking the affected foot in diluted vinegar is one such method. Keeping the fleshy growth covered with strips of duct tape and then scrubbing the bump with an emery board is another common approach. Better home tips, though, are to use over-the-counter medication instead. Try mild salicylic acid to peel away those top infected layers of skin. Just make sure you don’t get any acid on your healthy skin. Over-the-counter cryotherapy medication is another option.

These pesky bumps are hard to get rid of, though, so these home methods may not work at all. You might need prescription-strength treatment and time to actually eliminate them. If nothing seems to be improving your bump’s growth, or it seems to be spreading, let Dr. Michele Kurlanski help you eliminate the virus and thus the unsightly bumps. Contact Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center in for an appointment.