“Stepping Into Orthotics”


When you step into any podiatry office, you will likely see or hear something about orthotics. There are so many different types and providers for orthotics, it can be hard to choose and easy to feel overwhelmed. While orthotics can be an investment in your personal health and wellbeing, the cost can be discouraging and keep some people away from seeking orthotics while their feet only worsen. How will you know if orthotics are right for you? Your first step is to visit a trusted podiatrist like Dr. Michele Kurlanski at Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center.

When the conversation turns to orthotics among friends and family, it’s often assumed that orthotics are only necessary in older people. This is far from the truth! Many young athletes use orthotics, as do many folks in their twenties and thirties. Orthotics can be beneficial for many people, from athletes and diabetics, to people with hereditary flat feet, and many more. Among the most common reasons people end up needing orthotics are, in fact, fallen arches, diabetes, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. For these and several other foot problems, orthotics aid in bringing comfort, support, and relief to painful feet and ankles. Here’s what to do when you’re pursuing orthotics:


  • Calling to schedule an appointment at (207) 774-0028.

  • The initial evaluation - be prepared for a thorough examination!

  • Diagnostics and fitting to get a full overview of your feet, internally and externally.

  • Discussing insurance and coverage.

  • Getting your orthotics and training your feet to wear them comfortably.

  • Rechecking and following up with your podiatrist!

 Though orthotics are a good idea for anyone with foot issues, no one type of orthotic is the right fit for everyone. This is why it’s so important to find an experienced foot doctor like Dr. Kurlanski, especially when your foot and ankle issues accompany diabetes. You and your podiatrist can decide together if orthotics are a good fit for you. Calling us at (207) 774-0028 to schedule an appointment with us in Scarborough, Maine is the first step! Our compassionate staff will help you from there!