Are Your Feet In Great Hands?

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Summer is in full swing and that means we’re nearly halfway through the year! It seems like ages ago, but one of our New Year's Resolutions was to make a conscious effort to put our best feet forward. We can’t do that without you! If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to establish care with a trusted and innovative podiatry practice. Summer is the season of activities galore - hiking, biking, walks in the park, playing in the yard, going for a swim, you name it. You rely on your feet to carry you through the day, so it’s important to return the favor and give your feet the quality care they deserve from the appropriate medical professional - a podiatrist! 

How can you tell if your podiatrist is the best fit for you? 

  • Check out their website - is it organized, easy to read, and full of resources and services for your educational benefit? This is just one of many ways a practice can communicate their passion for helping others and accommodating your needs.
  • Take their reviews into consideration. Studies have shown that an individual is much more likely to leave a review when they have had a negative experience. However, if you find a practice with mostly or entirely positive reviews, their experiences are guaranteed to stand out!
  • Give them a call! If you have questions, they will have answers. A great practice will make time for you and help you get a consultation quickly and easily. No question is a bad question - the more the merrier! Your foot and ankle health should be their priority and their willingness to help will clearly communicate this. 
  • Schedule your consultation! Reading reviews, calling in, and checking out their website are fantastic ways to begin getting to know your potential future podiatry practice...but the real test is actually going in and seeing Dr. Michelle Kurlanski in person. Treat yourself to thorough and genuine care from our practice - your feet and ankles will thank you!

Find out if we’re the right fit for you and contact us online or give us a call today at (207) 774-0028. We’re located in Scarborough, Maine and our facility conveniently has its own store inside and is staffed with motivated and caring individuals who are excited about offering trustworthy and innovative care, like NEUROGENX or cold laser therapy. Put your feet first and schedule your consultation today!