A New Take On Nerve Pain


We’re only a few months away from 2019 and so many aspects of daily life are constantly changing. While it’s great for some parts of life to stay the same familiar things that we’re comfortable with, there are other parts of our lives that greatly benefit from changing and modernizing. One of the most important parts of our lives that benefit greatly from this change is our health. There’s a good reason why we have vaccinations today for diseases and illnesses that used to plague the masses!

When it comes to medicine, specifically podiatric medicine, change is always a good thing. Innovative practices help podiatrists stay one foot ahead when it comes to keeping you at the healthiest you can be! What are some examples of these innovative changes happening in the modern world of podiatry?

An innovative medical procedure called Neurogenx, proudly offered as a treatment option at Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center, offers relief for those suffering from nerve pain. Nerve pain can develop as a side effect from many conditions, such as:

●     Chemotherapy

●     Severe infection

●     Diabetes

●     Vitamin deficiencies

●     Various genetic defects

Neurogenx works by applying electrical stimulation in conjunction with a medication regimen to positively impact the health and viability of impaired nerves. Neurogenx treatment can improve the pain and discomfort of many symptoms like:

●     Cramping

●     Muscle weakness

●     Numbness

●     Burning sensations 

Neurogenx can effectively reduce the pain and discomfort of the side effects and symptoms that stem from these various forms of neuropathy. If you think you would benefit from NeurogenX treatment for your neuropathy, nerve disorder, and other related nerve pain, call us today at (207) 774-0028 to see podiatrist Dr. Michele Kurlanski at Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center in Scarborough, Maine. Be sure to visit our convenient in-office foot store!