A New Generation of Relief

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If you haven’t been to see your podiatrist in a long time, you’re probably out of the loop when it comes to the newest generation of treatment for common podiatry issues. We can help get you all caught up! At Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center, we embrace new advancements in podiatric treatment and technology. When most people think about fixing their foot problems, surgical correction often comes to mind. Today, however, treatment doesn’t always have to mean going under the knife. One of the more common foot problems for Americans today is called neuropathy. Neuropathy is defined as the dysfunction of nerves in our body, typically causing one to feel weakness or numbness in a particular area of their body. You might suspect that you have neuropathy if you feel localized numbness and discomfort in your feet, such as the tip of your toes, the arch of your feet, or the bottom of your foot pads.

There is a new type of treatment option for people with neuropathy and other nerve related conditions that affect their feet and ankles. Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center offers Neurogenx, a modern alternative to surgical intervention. Neuropathy can be developed if a person has diabetes, an uncontrolled infection, fibromyalgia, various pain disorders, restless leg syndrome, or if they have recently undergone chemotherapy. It’s possible to develop neuropathy even through vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse, or even merely due to your genetics! The Neurogenx procedure uses electrical stimulation and medication to work on improving damaged and impaired nerves in the feet. Similar to the concept of physical therapy, Neurogenx will take some time to yield its best results to relieve your foot pain from neuropathy. Your podiatrist, Dr. Kurlanski, and her team will help you through every step of the process.

If you suspect you have any of these conditions based on the symptoms you are experiencing, don’t wait to reach out to a supportive medical professional. Have you already been diagnosed with neuropathy? Call us today at (207) 774-0028 to schedule a consultation at our facility in Scarborough, Maine to see if Neurogenx is a treatment option for you.