Top 8 Signs Your Feet Need Help


How can you tell if you need to see a podiatrist? Considering how often we use our feet on a daily basis, the chances that your feet and ankles would benefit from seeing a podiatrist are pretty high. There are so many different kinds of issues that can give us trouble with our lower extremities, from sprains and breaks to skin issues and infections. Thankfully, there are more ways than ever for foot doctors, or podiatrists, to address our problems swiftly and successfully. This is only possible, however, when you regularly see a podiatrist! See what we did there? That brings us back to the question of how you can tell if you need to see a podiatrist!

The following list contains the top 8 signs our patients have experienced before coming in to see us at Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center:

1.    Flatfeet or fallen arches - most noticeable by a larger footprint or irritation on the bottoms of your feet where more pressure is applied due to being flat-footed.

2.    Developing any lumps or bumps - this includes those developed quickly or slowly over time, all of which are worth having checked out.

3.    Deformities, like big wonky toes or scrunched toes - these can be indicative of bunions or hammertoe developing.

4.    Increased difficulty being active - especially when your feet become more painful with physical activity.

5.    Feet or ankles that become swollen almost every day, or are noticeably swollen upon waking up.

6.    Wounds that seem to take forever to heal - especially when those wounds seem not to be healing at all or become infected.

7.    Any discoloration of the skin on your feet - this includes new moles or spots that don’t look quite right to you.

8.    Pain or discomfort that refuses to subside, even after rest or when using over-the-counter pain relievers.

Though these are the top 8 reasons our patients seek our high-quality care, there are plenty of other concerns that may not be listed which led to scheduling an appointment. If you’re concerned, don’t hesitate to reach out! Call us today at (207) 774-0028 to meet with Dr. Michele Kurlanski at our location in Scarborough, Maine.