Celebrate Foot Health Awareness Month in April With 7 Effective Daily Foot Care Tips


Ah, the lowly feet. They bear our weight every day and even endure more stress when we run, jog or jump. We shove them into shoes that may be too tight or too worn out, with heels that are too high. They get no respect!

And yet, our feet are marvelous miracles of engineering. They have 33 joints, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments and 26 bones – fully one-quarter of the total bones in the body! The average person will walk about 100,000 miles in a lifetime, which is 5 times around the earth!

Good foot care is essential to keeping our feet healthy and active. To celebrate April as Foot Health Awareness Month, and to keep your feet in good running condition, here are our top daily foot care tips:

7 Foot Care Tips To Do Every Day

  1. Keep them clean. Wash feet in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes.

  2. Keep them moisturized. Apply a rich foot cream or lotion to keep skin smooth and supple. Avoid the areas between the toes.

  3. Keep them dry to help avoid fungal infections. Always put on clean socks and change them during the day if they become damp. Alternate your shoes to air them out. Choose breathable materials like leather and canvas.

  4. Check daily. Inspect your feet. Look for any changes like a blister, bruise, cut, nail problem, crack or sore. Be alert to red, sensitive pressure points that may indicate poorly-fitting shoes. Those with diabetes must be extra-cautious in their daily foot examination.

  5. Trim your nails carefully. Always use a toenail clipper and cut straight across – don’t round the corners – to avoid an ingrown toenail.

  6. Smooth calluses and corns. Use a pumice stone to smooth out these areas. If you have diabetes, please come see us for this type of foot care.

  7. Assess your footwear. Are your shoes or boots tight? Is there ample room in the toe box so that you can wiggle your toes? Is the tread on the bottom wearing evenly? This could cause balance issues. If you see any problems, it’s time to go shoe shopping!

We carry many foot care items in our in-office doctor store.

Finally and importantly – give us a call if you notice anything out of the ordinary or if you have any foot pain. At Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center, we know that most toe and foot problems, if tackled early, have the best chance of quick and complete healing.

Let Us Help Resolve Your Foot Pain

Good foot care is for everyone and every day! And remember, foot pain is not normal. If you have any discomfort or are worried about something that you see on your feet, please call Michele Kurlanski, DPM. Dr. Kurlanski offers expert and professional podiatry services in Cumberland County, Maine. Please call us today at 207-774-0028 to schedule your appointment in our Scarborough office.