Innovative Neurogenx Therapy Treats Neuropathy and Much More!


Do you suffer from neuropathy – nerve damage – with pain, numbness burning or muscle weakness in your feet? If so, we have a state-of-the-art therapy that can not only manage your condition but can also reverse any damage and restore nerve function.

Neurogenx can help those with painful nerve damage from diabetes, infections, vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse and chemotherapy. This proven tool can also relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, neuritis, radiculopathy, restless leg syndrome and complex regional pain syndrome!

How Neurogenx Works

The Neurogenx treatment system uses both medication and electrical stimulation to heal impaired nerves. Using special balance plates, we can adjust your therapy as needed based on tiny shifts in body weight. These recorded measurements will help us understand the cause of any balance issues that you have. We will track your progress through the rehabilitation process and customize your treatment plan as we go.

It’s a simple therapy that we apply right here in our office. The Neurogenx treatment delivers an electronic signal to your body’s tissues through electrode patches. The signal increases cellular metabolism, removes excess fluids and wastes that are creating inflammation and encourages healing.

Neurogenx treatments are non-invasive, meaning no surgery is involved. Most patients will require multiple sessions over a 4-6 week period. You will see improvement in your neuropathy symptoms within 3-4 treatments! Based on your individual scenario, we may combine treatments sessions with a low-dose anesthetic shot.

The damaged nerve(s) in your feet will be stimulated, decreasing pain signals and nerve inflammation, as well as improving circulation to the affected part. 

We Can Help Relieve Your Neuropathy Symptoms

You don’t have to live with the pain and discomfort of neuropathy. And remember, foot pain is not normal. If you have any discomfort or are worried about something that you see on your feet, please call Michele Kurlanski, DPM. Dr. Kurlanski offers expert and professional podiatry services in Cumberland County, Maine. Please call us today at 207-774-0028 to schedule your appointment in our Scarborough office.