Tips for Handling Heel Pain


Imagine this: you’re at your regular doctor’s office and your doctor asks you what has been ailing you lately. You say that the bottom of your feet have been hurting you recently but you’re not sure why. Your doctor asks you to describe where, how, and when it is painful. Will you know what to say? Depending on what you say, your doctor may not pick up on what’s going on and might miss a potential diagnosis. In the best cases, your doctor would do what’s best and refer you to a foot doctor: a podiatrist, like Dr. Michele Kurlanski at Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center.

With all the different ways our heels can hurt us, it’s important to think about this before bringing it up with your specialist. Where does it hurt? When does it hurt? How does it hurt - is it quick and sharp, dull and throbbing, or does it subside after stretching it out? Here are some probing questions and tips to help you better assess your foot and ankle pain:

  1. Are the bottoms of your heels painful?

  2. Does it ache any time you’re walking, or only when you hit it hard?

  3. Do you ever feel sensations of numbness or tingling?

  4. Are the backs of your heels painful? Does it hurt more when going up a flight of stairs or crouching down?

  5. Do you ever have swelling on the sides of your ankles along with heel pain? Is the swelling always there, or does it happen after a long day of activity?

  6. When you wake up, does it hurt the most when you take your first step out of bed? Does it slowly subside throughout the day?

We hope that these 6 questions help you get a better idea of how to describe and express your heel pain to your foot doctor. Dr. Kurlanski can help you figure out what’s wrong and find the best treatment options for you - like cold laser therapy! Call us today at (207) 774-0028 to schedule your next visit! Be sure to stop by our in-office foot store, located in Scarborough, Maine.