Top Four Tips for Fall


The change of season is here in Maine and wow, is it beautiful! The leaves have gone from green to all shades of autumn, the wind has picked up to a gentle breeze, the humidity has finally left the building and made way for cooler temperatures. If you’re thinking that now is the time to get out and get your feet moving, you’re correct! The fall season is a great opportunity every year to get ahead when it comes to your foot and ankle health. When you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis or bunions, it becomes especially important to prepare yourself for every change of season. From drastic shifts in the weather to having to get your heavy duty snow boots out of storage, the change of season each year can catch your feet off guard. Want some advice for ways to prepare your feet for the autumn season? Look no further! 

  1. Get your shoes out of storage now! While the weather is still nice and you have time to wash them before they’re needed (especially if they were stored in a basement!), use this valuable time to get prepared.

  2. Get new shoes if necessary. Did you just take a look at your shoes in storage and cringe a little bit? It might be time to chuck them and purchase a new pair. This is especially true for those shoes that have lost their supportiveness and traction.

  3. Stay active throughout the season. Sure, it’s harder to exercise outside in the winter months, but it’s not impossible to get your daily work out indoors! Make it fun - do some laps around the house with your kids and the family pet. 

  4. Schedule yourself a checkup! There’s no better time to check in with Dr. Michele Kurlanski than right before the winter season. Address that nagging heel pain now while you can! Foot and ankle injuries happen all year ‘round, but winter is infamous for its slippery weather.

When it comes to keeping you prepared with preventative podiatric care, Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center in Scarborough, Maine has you covered. Call us today at (207) 774-0028 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kurlanski while there are still leaves on the trees. Every visit is a two-birds-one-stone opportunity with our convenient in-office foot store!