Restless Leg Syndrome - Not Just for Legs!


Did you know that restless leg syndrome is considered to be a podiatric issue? Restless leg syndrome is characterized by an uncomfortable ‘pins and needles’ sensation, also commonly described as ‘pin prick’ or ‘prickling’ sensations, in the muscles of the legs and feet. This uncomfortable sensation is only relieved when the legs are continuously moving and flexed to relieve discomfort.

You can imagine how annoying this must be - always having to be moving your legs in order to not feel this uncomfortable and sometimes painful tingling sensation! Restless leg syndrome is especially troublesome when trying to get a good night's rest. Though it's referred to as restless leg syndrome, it can still affect our feet with the same uncomfortable prickling sensations. The nerve endings in our legs and feet are overactive when we have restless leg syndrome, leading to that infamously uncomfortable feeling.

How do you tackle a problem whose main culprit is as microscopically tiny as nerve endings in our legs and feet? Our podiatrist Dr. Michele Kurlanski knows just how. The innovative approach to treating nerve disorders called Neurogenx can be greatly beneficial to those who suffer from the pain associated with various nerve disorders. Neurogenx is a type of treatment used to reduce the painful symptoms of nerve disorders and neuropathy.

Neurogenx uses an innovative combination of electronic pulses and minimal amounts of medication to stimulate damaged or overactive nerves while reducing the painful symptoms of the nerve disorder. By reducing the frequency and severity of pain signals and nerve swelling, Neurogenx can also improve your circulation and help reduce inflammation in the affected areas. Have we peaked your interest? Don’t be shy, call us today at (207) 774-0028 to schedule an appointment at Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center in Scarborough, ME.