The Orthotic Movement


Are you thinking about taking the next step when it comes to taking care of your feet and ankles? When foot pain and various other foot issues have troubled you longer than you can stand, it’s time to talk to a trusted podiatrist about your options. For almost everyone with foot and ankle problems, orthotics are the way to go! Orthotics are a biomechanical medical devices designed exclusively to the shape and form of your feet. Because they are indeed medical devices, the only way to get a pair of custom orthotics is to have them fitted and prescribed to you specifically by a podiatrist.

That’s where Dr. Michele Kurlanski comes in! If you go to your regular doctor and ask for orthotics, they have to refer you to a podiatrist to get fitted! Orthotics help to realign and balance the structures within your feet and ankles back to the way they are naturally supposed to be. Nearly every foot and ankle condition or disease can benefit from getting custom-made orthotics to up your foot game.

Just a handful of those conditions can include plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, flat feet, neuromas, and much more. If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, orthotics can help you by redistributing the structures and weight put on your feet, including tender heels that may also have bone spurs in addition to plantar fasciitis.

When it comes to fallen arches and flat feet, orthotics speak for themselves! Orthotics help to correct abnormal foot and ankle mechanics and recreate their natural lifted arch, which supports flat feet off the ground again. As for neuromas - those pesky, little pinched nerves that have become irritated and sore between two hard bones - orthotics can help those too! By using orthotics when you have a neuroma, it helps redistributed and take the pressure off of where it hurts most.

This isn’t even close to a comprehensive list of all the foot and ankle disorders and conditions that orthotics can help, so take the next step by calling Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center in Scarborough, ME at (207) 774-0028 to see if orthotics are right for you!