Pros & Cons of Pedicures


Thinking about getting another pedicure soon? Going for a pedicure can be such an amazing and relaxing experience. Not only do you walk out with pretty, pampered toes, but your legs and feet have been buffed and massaged. If you’re lucky, your back may have been massaged too if they have those special chairs! There are many pros and cons to getting a pedicure, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that a majority of the cons can be avoided with some simple tips. Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center is here to help, so let’s start with the pros of pedicures!

Getting a pedicure can be a jumpstart for your circulatory health. It won’t replace major lifestyle changes, but the warm water and massage of both your feet and legs will promote healthy blood flow. Circulatory health is important for many reasons - it helps you heal faster and it can prevent the development of nerve disorders!

Along with providing a spark to your circulatory health, the foot and leg massage from getting a pedicure can do wonders for foot and ankle related fatigue. The warm water relaxes fatigued muscles and your pedicurist then melts the stress away by kneading out the knots. This can help reduce muscle fatigue in your ankles and pads of your feet while providing a blissful experience!

In addition to improving circulation and reducing fatigue, pedicures can help alleviate calluses and the skin of dry, cracked heels. After your foot is soaked in warm water, your softened skin will be more easily buffed by their tools. This removes dead skin and helps remove bacteria as well, which may be hiding under your toenails - keeping them happy and healthy!

You might be thinking, “okay, these pros are great, but where are the cons?” As mentioned, many of the cons of pedicures can be avoided with one simple tip: find a pedicurist that values hygiene and safety! In summary, this will translate into strict procedures for cleaning tools, using disposable tools, and being aware and respectful of your physical comfort, hygiene, and safety. 

We hope our list of pros and cons aid you on your next trip to the nail salon! As always, Dr. Michele Kurlanski is here to help. Call us today at (207) 774-0028 to schedule your next appointment at our location in Scarborough, Maine!