Tips to Identify Foot Pain

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Maybe you’re thinking about finally scheduling an appointment at Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center to see one of our wonderful podiatrists. In an effort to get ready for that consultation, we urge you to focus on your feet during the days leading up to that appointment. What’s going on with your feet? Where does it hurt and when? Does your discomfort have any association with other things, like a certain pair of shoes, or an area you walk through often? Considering all of these factors and more can help you, and your podiatrist, get the most of your first visit. What are some brainstorming questions to ask yourself when thinking about your feet?

  • Do my feet hurt when I get up the morning?

  • Is the pain located anywhere in specific?

  • If my pain is in multiple places, does everything hurt at the same time or at different times?

  • What kind of pain am I experiencing - does it burn or ache?

  • Are my feet painful throughout the day?

  • Does it get worse at night?

  • Do I often find my feet or ankles to be swollen - all the time, in the morning, or at night?

  • Does it resolve with rest?

  • What helps it feel better besides resting - is it ice, elevation, or massage?

  • What triggers your pain the most?

While these questions should be helpful, sometimes our foot pain can be stubborn. If it hurts everywhere and seemingly hurts all the time, it can hard to really pinpoint what is causing our discomfort. There’s a way, however, to trigger and identify what’s hurting you in a controlled way: sitting in a stationary chair and performing a few quick, easy exercises:

  • Stretch your legs forward and point your toes

  • Roll your ankles around clockwise, then counter-clockwise

  • Point your feet up and then down, left to right

  • Repeat these, but this time, curl your toes

  • Lay your feet flat on the ground and push up on your tippy toes

Be sure to take care of anywhere and anytime your feet or ankles feel uncomfortable or painful during these exercises. This will greatly benefit you when you sit down with Dr. Michele Kurlanski. You’ll be on your way to feeling better in no time! Call us today at 207-774-0028 to schedule your appointment in Scarborough, Maine.