Crazy about Trendy Spring Shoes? – Avoid Floss Heels

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If you follow shoe trends – or maybe that special lady in your life does – you probably have heard of the new floss heels.

A floss heel – named for the dental product because their straps are so wispy – has virtually no supportive structure for the foot, even with a thin ankle strap. The heel is flimsy and, at 2 ½ inches, is a little too high for daily wear.

Floss Heels – A Recipe for Injury

With little structure and a flimsy construction, a floss heel can bend and twist easily. Some serious injuries may be the result including:

Ankle sprain. A floss heel may easily get stuck in a grate or sidewalk crack, causing you to twist your foot. An ankle sprain can be the result when the ligaments stretch too far and become inflamed and painful. Use the RICE method (Rest, Icing, Compression bandage and Elevating) at home and come in to see us for a full evaluation.

Tendonitis. Wearing floss heels with their height and tendency to bend, an overuse injury such as Achilles tendonitis may result.

Plantar fasciitis. Inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot can cause serious heel pain. Flimsy high heels can cause this condition because of lack of cushioning, uneven support of your weight and little impact absorption.

Choose Sandals with Good Support

You can find fashionable sandals that are good for your feet, too!

Look for sandals with thick soles to help with shock absorption. For extra comfort and support, choose those with wider bands across the top of the foot. Wider straps will make it easier for you to lift your foot, reducing the tension in the muscles.

You may think that flat sandals are better for your feet than heels, but go for something in the middle with some elevation that is easier on your arches. Some sandals also have impact-absorbing, sweat-wicking material for added comfort in warm weather.

Lastly – avoid flip-flops! These flimsy sandals with little strapping for comfort are great for protecting your feet at pools, spas and locker rooms. But avoid wearing them for long periods.

Let Us Know If You Have Foot or Ankle Pain from Unsupportive Footwear

Foot or toe pain is not normal! If you have any discomfort from an injury or just from overuse, please call Michele Kurlanski, DPM. Dr. Kurlanski offers expert and professional podiatry services in Cumberland County, Maine. Please call us today at 207-774-0028 to schedule your appointment in our Scarborough office.