“Cold Laser Is A Hot Topic”


What do you look for in a podiatrist when you want someone who truly stands out? When it comes to treating foot and ankle issues, keeping up to date with the most advanced and effective treatments is key. At Lighthouse Foot & Ankle Center, our team proudly offers several innovative treatment methods. Cold Laser Therapy, otherwise known as Low-Level Laser Therapy, is a safe and painless treatment for an impressive variety of conditions and disorders. Cold Laser Therapy is a completely non-invasive, painless, and drug-free alternative to many treatments that require incisions, long and painful healing processes, and drugs to help you recover safely. Considering it has a 60% healing rate for both wounds and fractures while often being more cost-effective than surgical methods, Cold Laser Therapy is the cream-of-the-crop in the podiatry world. With years of extensive documentation and comprehensive studies behind it, Cold Laser Therapy is proven to be safe and effective when treating several podiatric related issues, such as:


  • Reducing pain levels after surgery or an injury

  • Helping increase the rate of bone healing

  • Relieving symptoms of bursitis, tendonitis, capsulitis, and more

  • Soothing muscle pain and contusions

  • Treating neuromas and nerve pain, including diabetic neuropathy

  • Aiding in recovery from sprains or muscle strains

  • Reducing inflammation from joint pain or arthritis

  • Treating heel pain, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis


By speeding up the healing process in the cells affected by your individual condition, Cold Laser Therapy aids in creating a stronger and longer lasting healing effect. For example, each and every time we sprain our ankles, the structures damaged by that injury become less flexible and weaken. This can put you at risk for re-injury and developing more severe complications each time unless intervened with an innovative Cold Laser Therapy treatment. Don’t hesitate! Let this year be the year you commit to better foot and ankle health to improve your life. Call us today at 207-774-0028 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michele Kurlanski in Scarborough, Maine.